Perceptive Fittings - Architectural Ironmongers and Furniture Fittings

Perceptive Fittings are leading architectural ironmongers specializing in door & window hardware, hinges, fixtures & furniture fittings,shelving, brackets, screws and nails.

Door Furniture
If you are looking for any kind of door furniture for homes, offices or commercial properties, Perceptive Fittings is the place to find it. We have different kinds of door furniture ranging from spy holes to door stops, bolts and hooks, right here at Perceptive Fittings.

Door Locks
The security of any property depends a great deal on having suitable door locks installed there. For this reason it is necessary that door locks are of the best quality and are highly durable. We, at Perceptive Fittings Ltd, offer a wide range of high quality door locks that can provide the required level of security to any property.

Door Closer
Installing an automatic door closer in commercial properties has become quite common today. There are different kinds of door closers available and you can be sure to find the right one here at Pereptive Fittings Ltd. Whether you want an overhead door closer or an electronic one, you can be certain to find high quality, well functioning door closers for all properties.

Digital Lock
The digital lock has become the latest device for enhancing security in homes and offices. Since these locks cannot be picked, digital locks are more effective when it comes to protecting a property. We at Perceptive Fittings Ltd, guarantee that you will find a suitable digital lock to meet your security needs and budget from our wide selection of digital locks.

Door Hardware
Are you looking for door hardware for your home or office doors? If your answer is yes, Perceptive Fittings can offer you a wide range of door hardware to suit your requirements. Whether it is pull handles, knobs, lever handles or any other kind of door hardware, you can find it here with us.

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